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Hello again,

Vastrix here coming to ask a community kind of question to any of you who were nice enough to have followed this blog. I am thinking of making a texture pack, not such a simple task i know. And i will be asking some of my non-tumblr friends as well if they want to join in. But my question too you is, if I get this started and uploaded to a website or two would any of you wish to contribute, if so we can set out certain areas of the texture pack so not one of us gets too overwhelmed. Of course it may be an ongoing effort seeing as textures might be updated and new items added to change textures for. Just send me an ask about it and maybe I can round up people for the effort. Gotta love communities right?

Here we have Post one of a new kind of “Series” Imma call Redstone showcase. Here we have something i have created which is called a “Piston Array” kind of a “Motor” for larger projects. It cycles blocks in a ‘circle’ format with some blocks being glass. Yet to be innovated into this design is a memory cell which when a glass block lines up with a repeater(s) it turns off a circuit while some stay on turning this into a type of random output generator which if done right can be made to construct large digital clocks using more, yes MOAR, pistons.

If you have anything that you want or might want showcased submit it to me and I will more than likely post. This is a community anyway isn’t it?

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